Thursday, May 17, 2012

Origami Flowers

A while back, I saw some origami flowers on  I have always thought that origami is pretty cool, and even learned some basic origami while on mission trip to Japan so I decided to making some flowers.

Japanese Kusudama
I really like the brown ones (Japanese Kusudama).  The one downfall is that you have to make five separate pieces and then glue them together.  I found that they held best if I used clear tape to hold them while the glue dried.  I put the clear tape between the pieces so that you can't see it.  The tape will not hold long term on it's own so you will want to use glue as well.
Simple Lily

The lilies are made from one piece of paper.  They are much more complicated to create, but it's fun!

I originally tried using a Japanese website for instructions.  I was able to to make the Japanese Kusudama using the pictures, but needed explanations (in English) to make the lilies.  I used Tipnut for English instructions.  Tipnut includes instructions for all kinds of paper flowers.  The origami flowers are near the bottom of the page.

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