Saturday, January 5, 2013

Initial Door Hanging

Christmas is over, and it's time to take all of the Christmas decorations down, including my Christmas wreath.  It's January 5th, and while I've taken down all of the decorations inside the house, the lights are still up outside.  We should be able to take care of that today though (finally)!  I do have to mention that several other houses in the neighborhood are still decorated for Christmas so we aren't last!

I've seen several different door hangings that use initials: letter of last name, monograms, etc.  I found this "J" at Hobby Lobby (there is no Hobby Lobby nearby, but there is one about 40 minutes north and my mom had a gift card that she needed to use - sounds like a good reason to go to a huge craft store to me).  It was already black so I didn't even have to paint it!  Gabe says that the "J" is for "Julie," but really, it's for "Johnson."

I also got several sheets of felt at Hobby Lobby (4/$1.00 - which I thought was pretty amazing)!  I thought about coming up with a new felt flower, but I ended up deciding to just use my poinsettia pattern (the method can be found here, but my pattern is actually hand drawn).  I figured that in blue and grey they wouldn't look like poinsettias anyway.  I also made another burlap rose, but smaller than the one's that I made for my Christmas Wreath.  The piece of burlap that I used was about half as long as the ones that I used before.

I think it's a nice springtime piece.  I do realize that it's technically not spring, but in South Florida, we don't have winter, and I consider it to be spring as soon as the holiday season is over.  I love turquoise, blue and aqua.  They remind me of the ocean, which is less than 10 minutes away, yet I never find the time to visit...

Let me know what you think!  And post pictures if you try something similar!

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