Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Felt Poinsettia

I realize that it's only September, but I have a vision for a wreath that I want to make for Christmas (I need to replace the ugly one that I've used for the last few years).  My vision includes a felt poinsettia (and some burlap flowers, but I'll get to those another time).  There are tons of tutorials for felt poinsettias, but none of them had the look I was going for.  To sit next to my burlap flowers on a wreath, they need some shape (most felt poinsettias I found were very flat).  The solution?  An iron.

- Glue gun/glue
- Straight pin
- Red or white felt
- Paper
- Scissors
- Pearl beads
- Iron


1.  Draw two poinsettia patterns (one large, one small) on paper.
2.  Use the patterns to cut the two poinsettia pieces from the felt.
3.  Fold each petal in half and use the iron to give the poinsettia some shape (you will have to do this six times for each piece - each petal must be ironed separately).
4.  Glue the smaller piece on top of the larger (make sure the petals are alternating rather than sitting directly on top).
5.  Glue five beads in the center (glue down the first 4, then glue the 5th on top of the others).

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