Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Wreath

I have finally completed the wreath that I have been talking about!  I didn't buy enough ribbon originally and couldn't finish it until I had time to buy more.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I know that Christmas is still several months away, but I wanted to do this while I had time.  

Check my previous posts for the tutorials for the burlap roses and the felt poinsettias.  

- Glue gun/glue
- Styrofoam wreath
- Ribbon (about 14 yds of 7/8 in.)
- Decorative rope
- Felt poinsettias
- Burlap Roses

1.  Begin by gluing the end of the first piece of ribbon to the Styrofoam wreath.  Then wrap the ribbon around the wreath.  You will need to pull it tight but shouldn't have to glue again until you reach the end (try to keep all seams on the back of the wreath).  If you use a second color of ribbon, you will want to wrap it after the main ribbon so that it looks like it's wrapped on top.
2.  Wrap the decorative rope in a few spots.  I used it on top of the silver ribbon and around the flowers (attach the flowers before wrapping the rope in that area so that you can use it to fill in the blank spaces).
3.  Arrange the flowers and attach them with glue.
4.  Use a small piece of the rope to make a hanger (glue it onto the back of the wreath).


  1. It looks great Julie! Our living room is going to have a lot of burlap accessories in it... I could totally see something like this in there at Christmas time!

    1. Thanks Chels! There's something really elegant about burlap accessories!