Thursday, September 20, 2012

Burlap Roses

A few days ago I mentioned a wreath that I am making using Burlap Roses and Felt Poinsettias.  I have wanted to make the burlap flowers for several months, ever since I saw this burlap bouquet on Pinterest.  I thought it was gorgeous, and then I saw a wreath with burlap flowers on Etsy (I would add the link, but the item is no longer available - you can find the photo Pinterest account).  I tried following the Snugasabugbaby tutorial, but for some reason, it wasn't working the way it should have (in other words, I was doing it wrong).  Instead of continuing to to struggle with that method, I decided to try something that I had seen on TLC's Craft Wars, where the contestant created roses by twisting and gluing one of the challenge materials (at this point I don't remember what the material was).  It worked!


Pearl Beads
Glue Gun/Glue


1.  Cut strip of burlap the length of the fabric (1-3 inches wide, depending on the size of the flower you want).
2.  Slide a bead onto the wire and fold the wire in half around the bead.  Twist the two pieces of wire together.
3.  Glue the end of the burlap strip to the wire.  Then, wrap it a few more times and secure with glue.
4.  Now begin to wrap the burlap in the opposite direction, twisting as you go.  You will need to secure with glue every few twists.
5.  Continue wrapping and twisting until you are almost out of fabric.  As you glue the last twist, pull the end of the fabric to the underside of the flower and glue it down.

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