Wednesday, September 12, 2012

T-shirt Flower Tutorial

When I saw these t-shirt flowers on a spot of sunshine, I couldn't wait to make one!  They are so simple, yet elegant (elegant t-shirt = what?).  We have tons of old t-shirts that NEED to be repurposed.  Usually old t-shirts are repurposed as rags in the garage, but I was able to grab one that hadn't been used for any kind of garage wiping.

Old T-shirt(s)
Fabric Glue
Card stock/felt

1.  Create a "flower" pattern (6 petals) that will be used to make your petals (this is where I used the ruler - I used it to make my pattern roughly symmetric).  You could also use a stencil or a pattern if you have one.
2.  Cut out 8 petals using your pattern.  I found this to be the most difficult part (more time-consuming that difficult really).  I tried doing this with just one pin in the center of the flower but found it to be much easier when I pined each of the petals to the t-shirt.
3.  Once all of the petals have been cut, fold each one in half and then in fourths.  Put a dab glue inside the corner of the last fold to hold them together.
4.  Use the card stock to make a small circle that will be used as your base (I used the compass to make the circle, but you could use something round that you have around the house).
5.  Glue 4 petals, corners in, onto the card stock circle.
6.  Layer 3 more petals on top of those, and glue them down.
7.  The last flower will go in the center.  Put glue on the corner and push it into the center.
8.  Once the last petal is in place, open it up and glue a button inside (the button isn't necessary, but I like it better with the button than without.

I created these flowers to use on a wall art project I was doing, but they can be used for many things.  I think I may make another that can be tied to a scarf or pinned to a top.

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