Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Beach Glass

I found this tutorial for DIY Beach Glass from Krafty Kat on Pinterest and thought that it would be fun to try for some summer decorating.  I bought some cheap clear vases from Target and used some jars that I had around the house.  This is the result.

 I used the recommended Neon Food Coloring from McCormick.  Mine came out less translucent than the ones on the Krafty Kat post. Using less food coloring would make the color less intense.  Mine are also more green than blue.  To change the color, try experimenting with different amounts of blue and green food coloring.

The original post also said that the glue/food coloring solution will wash off when you're finished with them.  I haven't tried it yet, but it seems that the glue will peel right off of the vases and jars.

Overall, this was a pretty simple project.  The hardest thing was getting some of the bases to stand upside down while I painted them.  I had to start over a few times when the vases fell over!

Once the vases/jars are painted, they can be filled with flowers, rocks etc (if you fill them with fresh flowers, be careful not to get the outsides wet).  Happy decorating!

DIY Beach Glass

You will need:  Elmer's school glue, food coloring (green and blue), dish liquid, water, paintbrush, clear vases or jars

 Begin with clean, dry vases or jars.  Be sure to put down some newspaper or old magazines on your work surface.  Mix 2-3 parts glue to one part water.  Add blue and green food coloring (to your liking - start with just a few drops.  You can always add more, but you won't be able to take it away).  Add a drop or two of dish liquid.  Mix well, then paint the mixture onto the vases/jars (I would recommend turning them upside down - though you will have to be careful not to knock them over).  Let it dry.

 I actually ended up using two coats because I wasn't happy with the result after the first (note that it will appear streaky when wet but will dry less streaky).  If you're not happy with the result, wash and start over!

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