Friday, July 13, 2012

Embossed Painting

Though recently I have blogged about nothing but desserts, this blog is supposed to also include crafts and artwork.  I got this basis of this idea from a pin that I saw on Pinterest (I didn't repin so I don't actually know where it came from).

Materials Needed:
Elmer's Glue All
Paint Brushes

I began by using the Elmer's glue to draw on my canvas.

Canvas with glue drawing

Once the glue dries (I left mine overnight), it leaves an embossed look on the canvas.  I then painted the canvas one solid color.  I typically mix basic paints to achieve the color that I want rather than buy tons of specific colors of paint.

Originally, I was planning to end the project here, but I felt like there was something missing so I decided to add bronze paint (actual bronze paint - I didn't mix this one myself) to make the glue drawing stand out.  The bronze doesn't have to be painted perfectly (I actually like more in an imperfect state though I truly have a hard time leaving my projects alone when they aren't "perfect").

Note:  I didn't like the way the flat green looked so I went back and added some bronze (shown in the completed photo).  When I did the next two, I actually added the bronze before painting the embossed drawing bronze.   

This could be done with many colors (I'm actually think all-over bronze would create a pretty cool look), and you can draw anything you want on your canvas (flowers, swirls, geometric shapes, etc).  My final creation is below.  Hopefully I'll get them on the wall soon.  Have fun creating!

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