Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fried Yucca Fanatic

My husband and I were in the produce department the other day looking for veggies for veggie dinner night.  I don't really like veggies, but Gabe loves them!  As we were looking at the sweet potatoes, we noticed the yucca and thought it would be interesting to try it.

Tonight was veggie night so at the last minute, I decided to look up yucca recipes online.  The first recipe I stumbled upon was for fried yucca on Andrew Cordova's Blog.  It looked super simple so we decided to try it, hoping for the best, but with low expectations.  This fried yucca was amazing!

Check out Andrew's blog because he has a lot more knowledge about yucca than I do, but basically, you cut it, boil it and fry it in a pan.

Gabe liked it so much that he was eating it after boiling but before frying.  We didn't even add seasoning!  Really, it was pretty simple!

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