Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Door Hanging

On Sunday I challenged myself to create a fall door hanging using supplies that I already had.  I gave myself a time limit of about an hour, but this actually only took about 10 minutes.  I began by grabbing all of the "fall worthy" supplies that I could find.

I knew that I wanted to start with a burlap base, but I didn't quite know how I would create that base.  I began by cutting a strip of burlap that was about 4 inches wide.  I then rolled it into a tube and secured it with hot glue.  Once that was done, I kind of twisted, looped, tied and glued it(I know that makes no sense, check out the photo below).

I glued some small potpourri pumpkins, small pine cones and a fall leaf inside the loop.  Then I tied some ribbon around it, and I was done.  This was a very quick and easy project!

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