Sunday, October 28, 2012

Straight Leg to Skinny

I ordered these cords online at Ann Taylor.  First I accidentally ordered regular instead of petite.  Not only were they too long, but they didn't fit.  So, I exchanged them for petite.  The petites fit better, but they were kind of strangely shaped (the photo doesn't show how weird they actually looked on me).  I considered returning them, but I really liked the fit, fabric and color.

Changing the size of the leg on a pair of pants really only requires sewing one seam.  Most pants have a single seam on one side and a double seam on the other side.  On this pair, the single seam was on the outside so I took them in on the outside.  I turned the pants inside out and used a pair of skinny jeans that I like to mark my sewing line.

I took out the seam on the bottom of the pants (only near the new seam) so that I would be able to turn the hem back under after I sewed the new seam.  I sewed along my line and then sewed the hem back into place.

This only took a few minutes, and I'm really happy with the result!

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